Train Depot Mosaic finished!

This is number three in the Bellflower series (3 out of 5). I added the L.A. mountains in the background by request. I really like the colors in this one. All of the signs are handmade tiles so they're nice and legible, and I added a smattering of iridescent tiles in the sky for a little twinkle.


  1. Robin, how do you transport huge pieces like this? I'm in awe.

  2. And I wonder how long it's been sonce the folks in Bellflower really could see the mountains around the LA Basin? I couldn't see them in 1968 from Pasadena.

    I love your work and especially admire your ability go create such beautiful colors in your kiln. You have put together the talent of 3 people into one body. Thanks for sharing your work.

    Joshua Lowell