Dragon mosaic takes shape~

I kinda-sorta volunteered myself and the unknowing Sarah when I kinda-sorta offered to do a staircase mosaic over at the Double Happiness Ranch. I was pretty much thinking of a hap-hazzard quick mosaic of all my scrap tiles I've collected too much of but Sarah was thinking on a much grander scale when she designed this glorious and elegant dragon! I'm glad she did, she's a great designer! I just need to learn to think before I speak, and to never volunteer other people without first consulting them! How rude! Clearly I need a code that means "I'm thinking quick and funky with no design that we can knock out in a day" nudge nudge, wink wink! Oh well, It's going to be much more fabulous than I ever imagined!

Glow in the dark skull finished!

I'm glad to say I finished the giant glowing skull! It took me a few months to cover the foam skull first with thinset and mesh and then after a few layers of that hardened shell I slowly covered every inch of it with glow in the dark tile (and some standard stained glass and glass tile in the parts that didn't need to glow). This is going to be my big ticket item at the upcoming GLOW SHOW, a blacklight and glow in the dark themed art show that I'm participating in as well as curating. The show will be at the end of August at the RayRay Gallery in downtown Chico. I'm already learning so much about things that glow under blacklight! More soon!


Giant breast anyone?

If anyone wants a giant mosaic breast, just let me know! They've got a pair of them up at the cement plant in Redding! Oh sure, they'll try to tell you that they're sea shells or some nonsense. I'm not buying it. Wouldn't they look great in front of a gynecologists office?