More mosaic church shots

Okay, it's still hard to tell from these photos, but that whole crusade ship scene and even red fabric behind the statue is all done in tiny mosaics. And the next picture shows a part of the ceiling and it's ENTIRELY done in tiny mosaic! This church (and amusement park) are a must see for mosaic fanatics.


Barcelona church mosaics!

My husband and I went to Barcelona last November for our 10 year anniversary! We of course knew all about the Gaudi mosaics there, but what I didn't expect to find was an entire church covered in mosaics on top of the mountain within an amusement park. Tibidabo is an amazing old amusement park from the late 1800's. The above pic is one of the 6 or 7 mosaic covered niches on the first floor of the church. It's hard to tell they're even mosaic because they're so intricate!
Here is the entrance to the church with a large colorful arched mosaic over the door.
Here is part of the upstairs floor mosaic. It's funny, but we actually saw the entrance to the church and then walked up the long spiral steps outside to an overlook of the park. You can see all of Barcelona from up there and even the edge of the ocean. Then, without much thought, we decided to take a peek inside the church and so this was the first hint of greatness that we got. I had no idea that the amazing mosaics were actually downstairs!