Finished the glow-in-the-dark shower mosaic!

Here it is with the lights out...And here's what it looks like during the day. Glow in the dark glass floats my boat. It makes me smile. Keep a look out for my glow in the dark mosaic exhibit later this year!


Awesome Lichtenstein mosaic!

Down by the waterfront in Barcelona, there is this giant sculpture by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The gray cement base is taller than me!


Spain Rules!!!!

I finally got to touch the mosaics at Park Guell up close! Here I am at Casa Batllo, another amazing Gaudi creation. I always loved the split glazed pots that ride up the edge of the roof like a beaded necklace. They call it the dragons back.

I seem to remember having a headache the day we visited the Sagrada Familia. It still was really amazing and beautiful with giant cement trees and stained glass. The mosaics were so high up you couldn't reach them or really even see them.