Looking a little George Washington like

I'm waiting on a kiln load of black circle tiles for the head and face of the snake, so until then, he/she is looking like he/she is wearing a powdered wig. The smoothness of this sculpture is going to be a great feature, as Sarah and I keep rubbing it when we're getting irritated by whatever workplace stressor comes along. Mostly, it's the heat of the Norcal summer that erks us.

And now for something even bigger!

Meet the newest addition to our oversized California native creatures collection. The mountain kingsnake! Bigger than the biggest anaconda, this thing will devour mundane public art in a single bite! And, it's gonna be smooth to the touch as we cover it with shiny pennyround tile. Much to my chagrin, we are now applying each tile individually, one by one, because if we try to add swatch by swatch it just looks bad. The surface curve does not agree with the tile on mesh approach. I think our hard work will pay off though. It looks better every day.

Best Recognize!

Steve from Limey Tees hooked me up with these cool work shirts to flaunt my tile brand. Accept no subsitutes! Rebel Tiles are the best!

For when it's more than 100 degrees out...

I asked Gary if I could hook up some sort of mister thingie when it got hot and he said that he'd bring by a swamp cooler later. I assumed he meant one of those dinky ones that fit in a small window. Boy was I wrong! He pulled up his truck with this beast in the back and hooked it up. So now we're kinda spoiled... unless we step out of this things radius...then it's the rude awakening of Redding's summer temperatures.


Making hundreds of tiny dot tiles by hand

I'm not normally the kind of person to be overwhelmed by a project's size. But making most of the tiles by hand? I'm starting to go a little crazy here.