Bench panels ready for install!

Here are 3 of 24 panels ready to be installed in Chico's Degarmo Park. They are going to wrap around a circular bench seat/planter which has a baby oak tree growing in the center. The ones shown here are not in order, but once installed they will all run together as one. All of the wildlife, both flora and fauna, are handmade porcelain tile surrounded by broken commercial tile. The project is over one hundred square feet including the top of the bench seat which will be composed of hundreds of handmade sky blue circle tiles, clouds and bird silhouettes.

Auspicious Visitor!

I've been negotiating a mosaic project in Malibu for several months now. It's a huge project involving eight large animal sculptures. One of the sculptures is a Western Toad. A few nights ago, I was headed out to my backyard studio to get something when I spotted this little guy on the patio. At first I thought he was a toy my kids had left on the ground. I've lived in this house for over seven years now, and never once has a toad stopped by. I figured it was good luck. I closed the deal within days of this visit.

*For Ivy*

This is a tile I made for my friend of 18 years. I'm the bull, she's the alligator.

Bellflower Mosaics Installed! Yay!

There are five panels in all, and it took only 2 days to install and grout them. See all of the pictures on my website:www.robinindar.com. This project can be found under the "Commercial Mosaics" section.