Finally starting the Malibu Legacy Park mosaics!

I haven't said peep about this project for the longest time because I never knew if it was really going to happen. After months of negotiating, I finally have a sculpture to mosaic! This is the first of eight sculptures that will eventually be placed in the new Malibu Legacy Park in Malibu, California! None of the animals will weigh less than 5,000 pounds, and they will all be completely covered with my handmade mosaics. So here is my new workplace. A loud cement-fabrication-plant's open-air shed. It kind of sounds like a dentists office with all the high pitched drilling going on.

Degarmo's Done!

The big beast of a bench at Degarmo Park is alas, finished. 2 shades of grout, and 24 panels of flora and fauna. Mostly fauna. Please visit this north Chico park and sit on a cloud. A cloud tile that is. Some are shaped like animals if you look closely.