Roadhouse and the Big Lebowski tiles!

Here's my latest "Wise Men" tiles. The top one shows the character Dalton from the movie "Road House" played by Patrick Swayze. There's some pretty good quotes in this movie, but "pain don't hurt" has to be my favorite. Below is the Dude from the movie "The Big Lebowski" played by actor Jeff Bridges. Again, there's a ton of great quotes from this movie and this one was sort of a random pick. The quotes have to be rather short to put on one of these 4" x 4" tiles. The above tile from the scene where the henchman have just put the Dude's head in the toilet and can't understand why they've found a bowling ball in his bag.  Anyhow, if you're starting to think of your favorite movies and favorite quotes, and you're looking for a custom tile to capture it, look no further. Contact me at ladyindar@gmail.com to discuss.  Custom 4" x 4" Cinema Quote tiles are $40 plus shipping.