My work-space...not for the barefooted.

This is the area I continually tell my kids is off limits to bare feet. This is also the area you can routinely see my kids running through in bare feet. As they walk or run through they usually say "I won't get cut! I'm fine!". I've cordoned it off with rows of folding chairs, an ice-chest and boxes of tiles. It's located on our back patio which has a tin roof to fend off the random rain storms that happen without warning in Chico-even if they only last 10 minutes or so, they could totally ruin a glue-on-mesh mosaic. If you're wondering, I use Starrett nippers and Weldbond glue on fiber-glass mesh.

Workin' on an apple branch...

Here is a detail from the fourth panel out of five. It is of the belle fleur apple, a whole branch of them. I thought having an all-blue background was going to make this one faster to complete. I was wrong. It's actually quite detailed. I also thought this one might turn out a tad ho-hum but the colors are really popping on the apples, so I'm glad.

Train Depot Mosaic finished!

This is number three in the Bellflower series (3 out of 5). I added the L.A. mountains in the background by request. I really like the colors in this one. All of the signs are handmade tiles so they're nice and legible, and I added a smattering of iridescent tiles in the sky for a little twinkle.