Burrow Owl!

We were all a little worried that this one was going to end up looking like a baby chicken chick. This first photo shows the worry spot. It kind of looks like an egg with feet. However, once the eyebrow and other facial details went on and the grout went in, this thing was/is all owl. They'll be adding the concrete burrow on the back so it's a true burrow owl. Although all the speckling and spots made me think of spotted owls more than once. I had some larger pupil tiles made up for the eyes but they didn't fit the curve as well as these smaller ones did so it looks like he's been woken up during the day. Sarah did the tile work on the beak. She's amazingly detailed and patient. So here's the burrow owl coming it at lucky #7. One more beast to go!

El coyote! #6 out of 8 beautiful beasts

I'm expecting this one to be the favorite of visitors. I just know so many people that love wolves that I think maybe it carries over to include coyotes also. But I keep meeting people that can't help but gripe about the coyotes that eat their neighborhoods pets. Mostly cats. Sigh. I just know this coyote makes me happy and up close that sea of earthtones has lots of blues and greens and even oranges hiding.

Big Lumpy Toad!

Here's that big lumpy Western Toad. I named him Takashi. I doubt it will stick, but he looked sort of sumo style when we were tiling him. He may well be my favorite. He came in as number 5, and that's my lucky number.

Sending off my babies!

And away they went to Malibu, California. They're going to be installed in a new park off the Pacific Coast Highway called Malibu Legacy Park. Feel free to send me pictures if you visit them!

Four Down! When You include the frog...

So the frog went first, then the newt, then the hawk, and then the kingsnake. Now for some photos of the send off.