Buddha makeover!

I've had this Buddha statue forever. It's been sitting on a plain gray cement paver getting pooped on by birds. Time for an upgrade! So I covered his/her paver in mosaic and gave him/her some necklaces. I also planted some Freesia bulbs in the surrounding dirt. I think Buddha is supposed to be male, but I kind of prefer androgyny here. Obviously, I'm not Buddhist if I think this way, but both of my parents have always had Buddha statues as a reminder to relax and enjoy life. That is my only reason for having a religious icon in my yard. Relax people!


Donor Tiles land safely in Haiti!

These carefully sized donor tiles were made to size because Laurel True (mosaic maestro magnifico) had left perfect oval holes in her mosaic to put them into later. She sent me some tracing paper sketches and they magically shrunk perfectly to size. Phew! Hooray! These can now be seen in the new Paul Farmer hospital in Mirebelais, Haiti. This is a really great project for a really deserving community. Partners in Health (PIH) offers free healthcare to those in need!