Black Panther!

Now she's done from head to foot! And for reals! Look at that tiled underside! Some day I'll get pics of it glowing in the dark (the teeth and folds)

Mosaic onto plaster part II

Once your plaster shape, be it animal or thing, has dried with two or three layers of mesh and thinset, it is ready to be covered in tile in the mosaic style of your choice!

Mosaic onto plaster!

First, you are going to want to prep the heck out of your plaster beast. Cover the thing from head to toe with thinset and fiberglass mesh. Let it dry overnight and again cover it from tail to head with thinset and fiberglass mesh. Even the underside! This can be very time consuming. I prep the underside because if you want this thing to survive outdoors, you need to protect the very thing it sits on. I even tile the bottom as you'll see later...


Legacy Park Mosaics Video

When I first put this video up on youtube I was surprised when they told me that the video was banned in Germany because of my music choice. My other video has an obscure German punk band and it was fine, but having Henri Mancini? Banned in Germany? Oh well, this video is exclusively of the mosaics in Malibu's Legacy Park.