SF Mission: Radical Badical Arts Scene

The San Francisco Mission District is so awesome with all of it's brightly colored murals. I was there recently visiting a friend who lives right in the heart of the mission 1 block from this awesome ceramic mural:

This mural is on a wall of a small kids park that includes an ornately mosaicked dragon kids can climb on. It's tropical and made mostly of handmade ceramic tile. Beautiful!

New Abstract Tile Line up on Rebeltiles.com!

Rebel Tiles has a new abstract tile line available!

They have In-Stock Abstract tiles and a whole slew of abstract tiles that you can order with a custom color in their Custom Abstract Skin Line.


I started exploring the Winter attitude that was overtaking me. Recession, depression, disinterest, malaise, and a general uninspired blah settled. And then I got it! The Cursory Mosaic line! I didn't get a lot of interest in these, which is perfect because they stem from overwhelming disinterest! But I still don't get it. These are groundbreaking! I'm sick of people always assuming mosaics are cute hobby based craft. I like toothy dragons and bears, obscenity, and revolution once in a while. Well, I hope I don't cut my own throat with these. There's a bunch more where these came from.


Fountain with mosaic inserts

I didn't get any pics of this beast grouted because my camera battery died on grout day. I'll get another chance at final pics when I go down to Elk Grove to install a few more blue bubble mosaics in the ground there by where the fountain is going. The dragonflies in the below pic went on the top piece for the fountain which is like a round cap that the water will flow out and down from. The great thing about mosaicking onto mesh is you can mosaic at home and then install them all at once. The guys at the cement plant were surprised to see me finish all of the mosaics in just a few hours!
Handmade tile swoops and signature tiles in a variety of green glazes. I have a few custom signature tile designs for sale in my Etsy shop, Rebel Tiles