Art Panel gets installed!

Finally the art panel is up for everyone to take a good look.  One hospital employee came by in scrubs and stopped to look.  Then he says "I dunno.  I just don't get abstract art".  Back to work you!  This will make a nice counter top someday, you'll see!


Open Studios Art tour 08

Yes, another successful art tour.  Lots of new visitors this year, as well as familiar die hards.  Maybe they were coming for the live music?  Well no one was drinking the cheap wine I had on hand so we threw a BBQ after party and it all disappeared rapidly.  Here's Josh wooing the potential art buyers.


Gibby helps out with the overgrown lawn

Open Studios Art tour was not bad this year.   The weather was behaving and my kids were being extra helpful.  Look, even Gibby decided to mow the lawn for me!


Hospital panel coming along nicely

This is a 5' x 3' arched panel to be installed in a niche at Enloe Hospitals new parking structure.  It will be facing outwards on a sidewalk for all to take a gander.  It's part of a new program many hospitals are accepting, called Planetree in which art is included in plain sight of patients and visitors to aid in the healing process.  Pretty cool..


Almost Done with the lava spill!

I was going to title this entry "Eat your heart out Pele!" but as a lava goddess, Pele seems to have a lot of anger, and I really don't wanna be messing with any angry volcano gods right now.  Here is  the lava flow mosaic I've been working on for a couple of weeks now.  The edges are lined with glow-in-the-dark glass with little chips throughout the lava to glow like hot embers (although electric blue).  I'll be grouting tommorow.  I'm happy to showcase my Rebel Tiles custom circles in this piece. Yay!


Gibby lends me a hand on the jobsite

Anyone who knows the Gibs knows that he is one messy character.  He conned me into taking him to work with me one day, and was actually quite a good little helper for the first half hour or so.   But the usual Gibs persona kicked in at that point and he became sure that he could do a better job without tools and by just smearing his fingers in the thinset.  I won't be bringing him to work tomorrow..


California fires are bumming me out!

The northern California fires have been burning for weeks and weeks the air quality has been so bad for so long.  Here's a picture I took while driving through downtown Chico July 10th.  We ended up packing up and visiting relatives in Fort Bragg the next day but the roadtrip was smokey the entire 4 1/2 hours clearing up only in the last 20 minutes of the drive.  It's really feeling a little doomsday like...


Bench gets recognized, sort of...

Okay, so the City of Chico finally decided to honor the art benches downtown.  There was no ribbon cutting, no big crowd huddling close for a better look at the glamorous Pollock bench (or any other bench for that matter).  I did however, get to work on a mosaic project in the shade and I did get two tubs of free cookies and apple juice, so who can complain? A small tour of twenty or so people came by around five o'clock and took a gander.  At least now they have a printable map of all the downtown art benches so people can check them out.


Fathers Day flower pot with the kids tiles

Grampa got a purty new flower pot for Fathers Day.  The kids love to make tiles, so I've been saving the best ones for just such an occasion.


Glowing pollen filled vines!

I'm a glow in the dark fanatic, so when I find a space to mosaic that gets good sun, I always want to suggest glow in the dark glass.  Why not the front steps?  This one took me a couple of days, but I still haven't grouted it!  Luckily, no one has cut their foot.  The spirals glow a brilliant electric blue when night falls (and I turn off the party lights).


Group Show at the Secret Gallery

I'm gonna be in a group art show this Thursday, downtown Chico at the "secret gallery" 222 West 2nd St.  I have 5 pieces up.  See if you can guess which ones are mine!