Work on Degarmo Mosaic has started!

Thank god Sarah is helping me on this beast.

First, I laid out the bird silhouettes and cloud tiles, then surrounded them with the hundreds of handmade circles. And I STILL don't have enough circles to finish! Now that it's raining, I'm home making more circles to finish the top. But we're more than half way done with the top at least...

Faded tiles replaced~

When the sublimation tiles faded on the memorial bench, I was at a loss for how to fix the problem. Luckily, a local business donated some replacement tiles which are baked enamel on metal. The new tiles were thin and unusual, but had a bright and perfect representation of Anna's artwork on them. They look much better now. Thanks Josh for helping me take out the old ones and put in the new ones!

Donated to Catalyst!

My bubbly 3-D planter, and the love bench with hands and hearts.
The installation was non-triumphant however, because they hadn't built the garden yet.

But here's what the top looked like before it was grouted.


Artists For Artists Raffle a success!

Five Chico artists banded together to raise money for our friend and fellow artist Janice Porter who is battling breast cancer. We raffled off five paintings and my mosaic sphere and in the end reached our goal of raising $5,000.
Mayor Ann Schwab reads one of the winning tickets that a girl from the crowd has pulled.

David Sisk and his donated painting.

Debra Lucero of Friends of the Arts and I with my mosaic orb and Cynthia Schildhauer's painting in the background.

There's Janice on the far right for whom this fundraiser was dedicated. We love you Janice!

Trio of stepping stones

Also for the Catalyst garden, these stepping stones should liven up the walk dontcha think?

Trompe L'oeil fools the eye!

I made this for Justyn cuz he likes to rock it old school. You can almost hear the tape player wheels squeaking along and getting jammed on a bent ribbon of sound.

Space Orb 2!

The first one had a basketball inside, but this one has a rejected hamster ball inside. We got it for the family rat who hated it on site. So I covered it with thinset and fiberglass mesh and after 2 thick hard coatings, I mosaicked it. The spikes are handmade cylinder tiles.

The Love Bench!

The Love Bench is almost done. It's going in the garden at Catalyst, see below.

Love Bench

This is the bench I've been working on for Catalyst domestic-violence-services. The have a new facility with a garden where they can grow vegetables and flowers. The bench will go there. I traced my kids hands into wet clay to make the hand tiles and I looked up various ways to say "Love" in different languages. In this pic is Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, French, Romanian, English and Italian.