Best new festival food!

Mango on a stick! Hands down, this beats all for best festival food. I can't believe I've never seen this before! They didn't even have to deep fry it! Thank you World Music Festival for opening my eyes.

Sold out of eyeballs!

If you look close, you can see the little orange and black bowl that Gibby made in which I placed a bunch of porcelain eyeballs. They were a surprising hit that day, and I sold out of them! Don't worry, I'm making more.

World Music Fest entertains me!

I was offered a nice shady place near the 'kids stage' so I heard a lot of hip hop and grunge while I got some work done on the Degarmo bench mosaic.

Finished the apple branch mosaic!

The belle fleur apple branch mosaic is complete! I've cut it up and layered the pieces in a plastic tub for a later installation. Now onto the fifth mosaic in the Bellflower series: the actual bell flower. I went with a close up of a cluster of the pretty blue flowers on a rocky cliff. Pictures soon!