I just figured out (when my friend told me) how to set up my blog so that I will get notified if someone posts a comment. Jeez, it's only been a blog for like 4 years (!!) Well now, if you comment, I will get an email and can comment back. How's that for modern action? I tried to find this feature many times before and because of this, I will say blogger is not user friendly (can't find the underline feature...)in this area. They have a comments section (useless) and a "settings" section under which you will find the other "comments" section where you will have to (again) put in your email. Shouldn't this be the default? Sheesh.

Xmas Mushroom Tile!

Here's my new mushroom tile just in time for Christmas! You can find it on my Etsy store where I put all of the new or misfit tiles that you can't find at rebeltiles.com. Check it out in my Etsy store here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/87713348/festive-red-and-white-xmas-mushroom-tile