Mosaic onto plaster!

First, you are going to want to prep the heck out of your plaster beast. Cover the thing from head to toe with thinset and fiberglass mesh. Let it dry overnight and again cover it from tail to head with thinset and fiberglass mesh. Even the underside! This can be very time consuming. I prep the underside because if you want this thing to survive outdoors, you need to protect the very thing it sits on. I even tile the bottom as you'll see later...


  1. I am new to making mosaics for outdoors and was wondering if it is possible to mosaic a styrofoam ball, (or anything made of styrofoam for outdoors). Would I need to prep it similarly to your plaster jaguar? Also was wondering why you did more than one layer of mesh and thinset to prep your jaguar? Is that just weatherproofing it, basically? Thanks, and I LOVE your work! -a fellow Chico-ite

    1. Yes you can of course mosaic onto any styrofoam object in this way. I never did a styrofoam ball because they're so much more expensive than a thrift store basketball. The book I was using told me I should do 2 layers and I think it makes it thicker and tougher which is good for outdoors. Thanks and good luck!