Mosaicking over an ugly old window...animated!

Here's a very brief version of the install in animated gif form. This is my first animated gif!  Pretty exciting for me, excuse the gushing.  Thank you gickr.com for this fun free photoplay.  
Below, here is the swatches laid out on their plastic covered foam boards ready to install>>

Once the glue dried on the backs of the mesh, you can flip the whole swatch over and add the adhesive caulk.  It's best to try to get adhesive on just about every piece.  I used Loctite brand caulk for exterior use.  Carefully lift the swatch up and slowly press into place.  Wipe any excess caulk that comes up and over the surface of the glass with a finger or rag.  Keep your mosaic safe from rain until it's completely dry (24 hours or so).  Then it's ready to grout! 

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