Roadhouse and the Big Lebowski tiles!

Here's my latest "Wise Men" tiles. The top one shows the character Dalton from the movie "Road House" played by Patrick Swayze. There's some pretty good quotes in this movie, but "pain don't hurt" has to be my favorite. Below is the Dude from the movie "The Big Lebowski" played by actor Jeff Bridges. Again, there's a ton of great quotes from this movie and this one was sort of a random pick. The quotes have to be rather short to put on one of these 4" x 4" tiles. The above tile from the scene where the henchman have just put the Dude's head in the toilet and can't understand why they've found a bowling ball in his bag.  Anyhow, if you're starting to think of your favorite movies and favorite quotes, and you're looking for a custom tile to capture it, look no further. Contact me at ladyindar@gmail.com to discuss.  Custom 4" x 4" Cinema Quote tiles are $40 plus shipping.


The eyes have it!

Maybe it's because I'm a tile maker, but whenever I'm in a thrift store I can't avoid the urge to buy any and all trivets or frames which might hold a tile.  I take them home, pop out the ugly thrift store tile that came glued into it and proceed to make tiles that will hopefully shrink to fit (I use a porcelain mix which has about 15% shrinkage rate in the kiln).  I kept finding pairs of tile frames so I was drawn to make some pairs of eyes to fit into them.  Here are two of my latest pairs.  They're for sale at Bootleg, a boutique in Chico, CA.  But don't hestitate to email me about custom tile eyes: ladyindar@gmail.com


Wise Men tiles!

Here are some fun tiles I made for my husband as a Christmas present.  The first is the grouchy Joe West from the movie "Eddie and the Cruisers II" and the second is Steve Brule from the show "Brules Rules" which is a spinoff of the "Tim & Eric Awesome Show" on Adult Swim.  He has them hanging above his desk for inspiration.  Here's a column he wrote in which he describes his love for Eddie and The Cruisers II:  http://www.popmatters.com/column/157768-heroes-and-jerks/


Fun Xmas Ornaments for sale!

Here is the 2013 line of Rebel Tiles xmas ornaments!  Each ornament is $10 plus shipping.  Buy 5 and your shipping is free! choose from magic mushrooms, hot chili peppers, blue, green or brown eyeballs (not sold in pairs), skull trees, skulls and moonshine jugs! contact ladyindar@gmail.com to order~


Ai Jen Poo tile!

I made this tile for my workers-rights-enthusiast cousin for his birthday and I loved it so much I made one for myself!  I looked up leaders in workers rights and out of the top ten, she was the only female.  I messed up her eyes a bit,  his turned out better.  I often mail off tile gifts before I photograph them. d'oh! oh well, here's the one I kept for myself:


Mosaicking over an ugly old window...animated!

Here's a very brief version of the install in animated gif form. This is my first animated gif!  Pretty exciting for me, excuse the gushing.  Thank you gickr.com for this fun free photoplay.  
Below, here is the swatches laid out on their plastic covered foam boards ready to install>>

Once the glue dried on the backs of the mesh, you can flip the whole swatch over and add the adhesive caulk.  It's best to try to get adhesive on just about every piece.  I used Loctite brand caulk for exterior use.  Carefully lift the swatch up and slowly press into place.  Wipe any excess caulk that comes up and over the surface of the glass with a finger or rag.  Keep your mosaic safe from rain until it's completely dry (24 hours or so).  Then it's ready to grout!